WHAP interview 2/27/2010

Host John Douell (center interviews Hypnotists Dr. Dan Lester(lt) & Keith Menchel at WHAP 1340

 Members of the Central Virginia Chapter of Hypnotist and Virginia Veterans Hypnosis Project were interviewed by John Douell and Dr. Ann Ford of WHAP 1340 in Hopewell VA regarding hypnosis and the Veterans Project. 

(Lt to Rt) Andy Leon, co-host Dr. Ann Ford, Keith Menchel, JohnDouell, Host - WHAP 1340

Dr. Dan Lester, Keith Menchel and Andy Leon represented the two organizations.  Keith is President of the Central Virginia Chapter and Dr. Dan is Treasurer.  Andy Leon is a member and also Chairperson of the Virginia Veterans Hypnosis Project (VVHP).

The trio of hypnotists spent more than half of the show explaining and sharing examples of how hypnosis works and speaking of the many ways it can be applied to help people to overcome fears and unwelcome or intrusive habits.  The remainder of the show allowed for a brief expositionof the Virginia Veterans HypnosisProject in which hypnotists from all over the state of Virginia and nearby Maryland will seek to provide hypnosis services to veterans and their families who are dealing with unspoken memories of their wartime experience and deployments.  This is a new approach as these are usually functioning people who have emerged from the unthinkable and unimaginable experiences of war and are able to encapsulate or isolate the memories while they go on to try to recapture some semblance of normalcy.  The hypnotists believe that these memories and feelings then require very large amounts of personal emotional energy to manage that suppression.  Ultimately, the veteran and loved ones, even the next generation, can be adversely affected by the changes that can be produced in both the personalities of all the people in that network and sometimes even health changes can result because energy, like water will always find a way out.  If there is even one moment of loss of attention, secrets find their way out and not always at the most opportune time or manner.

Anyone interested in receiving the services of the VVHP, can contact Andy Leon at:

                                                                                                                                              Tel: 434-962-2136

                                                                                                                                              Web: www.andyleon.com

He  will help clients to locate a participating hypnotist closest to their area.  The group is interested in learning more about post war veterans and the effects of that experience in the family unit.  Both veterans and family members will be seen pro bono.  We are only asking for permission to compile the information without identification of its source so that future war veterans can be better helped.  In cases that are needing more assistance than the VVHP is professionally prepared to give, a network of competent providers is being developed.  In the final analysis the plan is to help the veterans to safely release their “dark secrets” and reuse their life energy to the benefit of themselves and our society.

Our group was most grateful for the opportunity to present hypnosis to the public and hopefully, open new horizons for personal development and health.

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