Smoking Cessation is obtained by teaching the client the reality that there is no reason to believe that they are a “smoker”. They are simply a person who has chosen to smoke and now are in position to choose not to smoke… ever again. This is accomplished by placing suggestions while the person is in trance that will activate upon return to conscious thinking. In addition, we look at the pattern of thinking that had to be in place for the person to have chosen to perform an act that is dangerous to self preservation. Often that principle is in place in other decisions the person has made and can be corrected across the board. So, while nothing has been said directly about other “habits” linked to that erroneous rule, they will be resolved as the rule is amended or retired.

Overeating is a particularly convoluted behavior. People do not necessarily overeat due to compulsion or lack of control. Unfinished business, in the form of old hurts or fears can drive a person to camouflage themselves or come to believe that they must be repulsive in order to survive. Often people will seek hypnosis for weight control that eat a balanced diet and get plenty of exercise. The reason for their obesity may lie hidden in their subconscious. This is assuming that no organic reason, e.g. disease or hormonal disorder, is contributing to the condition.

Pre-surgical Preparation and Pain Management offers posthypnotic suggestions that prepare the potential patient to emotionally perform as a member of the surgical and treatment team from admission to recovery. Suggestions are given in deep trance which allow the patient to visualize the forthcoming experience from pre-anesthesia to full recovery after discharge. This eliminates the fear and apprehension and places the patient in a positive mood of cooperation with the surgical process. Less anesthesia may be used and the patients usually report earlier return of appetite and bowel and bladder functions leading to earlier discharge from the hospital. Patients often report minimal use of strong analgesics and narcotics.

Regression is a hypnotic technique used to determine the origin of some fears for which there is no conscious memory. The memories are held deep in the Subconscious Mind. Most people can recall some events up to the age of 3 years of age. Usually, only smatterings of those memories are available. Traumatic memories are most likely to be hidden in the subconscious and are not easily recovered by the conscious or rational mind. In hypnosis, a number of techniques are used to facilitate recall of the entire memory so it can be addressed and resolved. Often great amounts of emotional energy are attached to the protection of these memories.

Grief & Sorrow Resolution. So oftenin western culture, we tend to minimize losses in our lives, sometimes even allocating how long we should grieve according to some vague or understood hieraschy of value that has no real basis.  The result is that by the time we “buck up” and move on, we are often not done with the grieving process.  Many businesses allow grieving time according to the deceased’ rank in the family, e.g: parent or spouse =three days; others get some lesser number or not at all.  In combat and health care, people are expected to deny themselves grief because suvival or the work is at stake.  If left unfinished grief becomes the most powerful of our emotions.  Grief overshadows every thought and every thing that we try to do.  These unfinished emotions begin to grate on one’s personality and even immobilize their ability to perform many routine daily activities.

Self Hypnosis is the fundamental principal to using hypnosis as a service to people. All clients in this practice are taught self hypnosis so that in the future, they can use this valuable tool. The clients are trained by the Consulting Hypnotist to institute their own trance and they control the depth of trance and amount of time they will spend in relaxation. They can give their own post hypnotic suggestions. This is an especially valuable tool in test taking, stage fright, anger management and any other situation that tend to immobilize one’s access to their skills.

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