andy03smAndy Leon, as he is more commonly known among friends and clients, has been working with people since his military training as a Medic in the USAF at the age of 19. He sensed that his “accidental” assignment to the Medics as an Operating Room Specialist was no coincidence but rather a “message” that this was to be his calling. In spite of initial desires to be an aerospace engineer and pilot, Andy quickly found himself enamored with human anatomy and behavior. By the time his discharge came about he was accepted to nursing school at Rockland State Hospital School of Nursing, a large psychiatric hospital in New York with a small nursing school and two very dynamic teachers who would open the world of the human mind to him. Over time he would graduate from Fairleigh Dickinson University (BS in Nursing) and Iona College (MS in Health Systems Management). Other course work was done at Rockland Community College and Columbia University Graduate School of Nursing. Both adjunct schools would introduce Andy to very powerful mentors who would influence greatly, his decision to abandon pursuing anesthesia and administration as career paths in favor of a career in mental health and all of its aspects. The key motivation became Andy’s growing fascination with motivation and the processes of the human mind. Psychiatry and psychology offered an observation of what goes wrong with the mind. Psychoanalyses offered insight into what plays into the formation of the adult mind and the secrets of the Unconscious Mind. In 2001, an opportunity appeared to train in the art of Hypnosis. Here was the gateway to learning about the Subconscious Mind: the memory storehouse and consultation center of our mind. Trained and experienced in the Scientific Process that drives the medical model of psychiatric care, Andy was interested to learn more about the source of Motivation in people. Too many times in health care he had watched people die who had all the prerequisites for survival. Conversely, there were the many who, with no odds in their favor, would survive even if at the barest levels of life. The answers began to emerge in the study of the Subconscious’s role in information storage and the power of Imagination.

Just before 2001, in 1997 Andy trained in the spiritual techniques of Master Alignment and was certified as a Practitioner. While the techniques are no longer used, Andy’s practice has merged the principles of Master Alignment which calls for the integration of Mind, Body and Spirit through the power of Choice and cellular changes that result. Early in his USAF Medic training he recalls hearing the message from an instructor: “Heal the Spirit and the body will follow.” That statement is at the foundation of the hypnotherapy provided in this practice.

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