News Release: Virginia Veterans Hypnosis Project

October 30, 2009.  Andrew Leon, Certified Hypnotherapist and a retired RN, has been appointed Chairperson of the Virginia Veterans Hypnosis Project at their first organizational meeting at Virginia Beach October 24-25, 2009.  The Project, first announced at the First Virginia Conference of Hypnotists in Charlottesville on May 30, 2009, is comprised of some 35-40 certified hypnotists from all over the state of Virginia and is offering hypnosis for stress management of returning military persons.  Leon is careful to note that the hypnotists are looking for veterans and family members who are functioning but are dealing with the mysterious secret memories so many veterans of wars often carry with them and cannot speak of them.  These memories, unlike PTSD, a diagnosable condition in psychiatric circles, are not necessarily linked to a causative moment but rather may relate to the perception of the veterans’ experiences in the war assignment.  For the family members also, there are the memories of their experience in waiting and disappointment with extensions of deployment or seeing their loved ones return emotionally altered or physically hurt.  Sometimes an unspoken zone is created, non-verbally, that is taboo to enter into by either party.  In this place may reside feelings of anger, guilt, shame or vengeance.  Sometimes the feelings are too confusing to sort out and everyone is just glad that the situation of disruption is over.  The members of the Virginia Veterans Hypnosis Project believe that these secret feelings can prove detrimental to the keepers in the long run.  They drain energy away from fulfillment of dreams and aspirations.  They interfere with the carriers’ ability to love and enjoy life to the fullest and in the end they can pass on troublesome personality to the offspring.  Over years jobs may be lost and marriages dissolved and in some cases, full blown PTSD may surface in midlife. 

The hypnotists are well trained to apply suggestion and post-hypnotic suggestion to facilitate identification and understanding of these secret thoughts.  They believe that in coming to grips with these uncomfortable memories, trapped energy can be released to allow the veteran and loved ones to pursue a more enjoyable life. 

The Virginia Veterans Hypnosis Project’s members will see veterans and their family members on a pro bono basis.  All services are confidential. Veterans or family members in the Central Virginia area may contact Andrew Leon at (434) 962-2136 for an interview appointment or more information.  Certified Hypnotists in the area, who wish to join Virginia Veterans Hypnosis Project, should also call Andrew Leon at the same number.

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