Jump for joy


This may be the most important day of your life. Why? Because you have an opportunity to embark on a new adventure of discovery in the world of Hypnosis.  Did you ever wonder why you sometimes find yourself doing or saying things that you did not plan or feel that there is more in you than you seem to be able to produce?  There are no “glass ceilings”. There is just the limitation that we allow to be placed on us and buried in our subconscious minds through Negative Hypnosis.  PositiveHypnosis is the system that helps to diminish or cancel such limitations. You see we are all hypnotized by the learning that we have done in the past. The problem today is to unhypnotize so we can reach our full potential.  A Certified Consulting Hypnotist like Andy Leon, BSN, MS, CH can serve as a guide and trainer to help the client to uncover the rest of his/her story and go on to a better life.  Try it and you are going to love it.

Remember…“Imagination is the key to Change.”